Zde budou uvedena výchozí očekávání na fotky produktového portfolia.


All images must conform to the following
l Must be at least 300dpi.
l Must be supplied on a square canvas.
l Must be minimum of 2000x 2000 px.
l The product in the kmage must measure at
least 300 mm along its longest edge.
l Files must be supplied in any of the following
formats: tiff, png, or first generation jpeg.
l If providing a clipping path, please ensure the
path is named “Path 1.”
l Colour space must be RGB.
l Preferred colour profile is Adobe RGB (1998).
l Do not apply any sharpening to the image.


Image files must be named according to the
l Files must be named according to the article
number, eg 9933458.
l Order and naming convention for images is
as follows:
l article number.jpg Hero 3D front image*
l article number_1.jpg 2D Front Image
l article number_2.jpg Back Image
l article number_3.jpg Left Side
l article number_4.jpg Right Side
l article number_5.jpg Top
l article number_6.jpg Bottom
* If the product does not have a 3d front shot, due
to the type of product then the 2D Front image
is named articlenumber.jpg and the remaining
products follow the same naming convention ie,
back shot will still be named articlenumber_2.jpg.


3D images should be photographed according to
the following specifications:
l Use an elevated camera angle to expose the
top edge of the product.
l Ensure that the left corner of the product is
always sitting forward with the vertical edge
to maintain a 90 degree upright position.
l The bottom edge of the product should sit
on a 4 degree angle to the horizontal. Most
products benefit from this angle. It shows the
height, width and depth of the product.
l Jars & cans (ie, round products) should be
tilted forwards to show depth and top of the
l The vertical axis of the product is aligned to
the edge of the canvas.
l Cartons which show branding should be tilted
forward so that either one third of the image
contains the top of the lid or two thirds of the
image contains the top of the lid.
l No sides visible for cartons, box/round
product 2D front shot.
l Most products benefit from this angle.
It shows height, width, and depth.

2D images should be photographed according to
the following specifications:
l Products should be photogrpahed from front
on to the camera.
l The depth of the image should not be seen.
l Neither the sides nor top or bottom of the
product should be visible in shot.
l Ensure that the product is centred in the
frame with no cropping applied.

There must be a medium contrast range
setting to ensure that the product does not
bleed in the dark areas or blow out in the
light areas.
l The darkest point of the product must not be
below 15/15/15 RGB value and the whitest
point of the product must not be above
240/240/240 RGB value.


Ensure that your product is free from dust,
creases, scuff marks and any imperfections.
l All points of the photograph must be in focus.
Text and branding must be readable.
l Lighting should present a clear, crisp and
descriptive product with clean and defined
l Highlights must be managed to a minimum
and not obscure product branding or text in
any areas.
l Light glow from too much back light or
lighting from below will not be accepted.


Ensure all of the pack shots are captured as
per packaged guide. All information on the
side of the pack must be captured.
l Try to capture one image with pack and a
few pieces out of pack infront to show
the actual product.

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